Nostalgiarithm – PrototypeRaptor (2013)


Album artwork for Nostalgiarithm

Electronic music has come a long way since it’s humble beginnings in the early 20th century.  It began with a desire to use the evolving technology of the time period to create increasingly innovative sounds.  This new kind of music, known as musique concrète, was approached mostly as a sandbox for experimentation, rather than as a tool for augmenting popular music.  It wasn’t until the late ’60s and early ’70s that electronic music itself began to be popularized.  The Moog synthesizer was featured prominently in bands like Pink Floyd, Yes, and Genesis.  New Wave and synthpop music began to rise in the commercial market.  In the club scene, disco music became hugely popular, followed by techno and house music.

Why is any of this important?  Because by understanding the history, we can see the remarkable journey that electronic music has undertaken since its genesis almost a century ago.  In the past few years, modern rave culture has exploded and the scene is stronger than ever.  As a result, its influence has begun to permeate throughout many other musical genres. Not only is there house, trance, and dubstep, but also styles like electro swing, chiptunes, and even folktronica (what?).

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> album title goes here < – deadmau5 (2012)

Album artwork for > album title goes here

Album artwork for > album title goes here <

Even though I have already been working on my next post for several days now, I felt compelled to put it on hold in light of today’s significance.  That’s right, today marks the release of deadmau5‘s sixth studio album, > album title goes here <.  As one of the most well-known electronic music producers today, in a way he has become the representation of modern house music for many people.  Although it may seem like a lot of pressure, Joel Zimmerman (the man behind the mau5head) has never been one to submit to outside opinions and criticism.  With the eruption of countless young EDM producers trying to make a name for themselves, the industry has become somewhat overloaded by unoriginal tracks from DJs who are only looking to party.  While partying is certainly one of the best things to do while listening to electronic music, it does not go unnoticed when an artist puts a significant amount of time and effort into their music, sculpting it to meet their exact creative vision.  This is the impression that I get from all of deadmau5’s music, and the new album is certainly no exception.

The first time I listened to > album title goes here < in its entirety was this morning at approximately 2 AM.  It was easily the best decision I could have made in my somewhat-conscious state (because let’s face it, nothing productive ever happens after two o’clock in the morning).  The album was the perfect soundtrack for the quiet serenity of deep night. Not to say it wouldn’t be great at any other time of day, of course.  Having listened to all of deadmau5’s previous releases, I would have to say that as a complete package, this newest release could very well be my favorite of them all.  His sound remains consistent enough to establish a sense of familiarity, yet at the same time there are many new avenues that he explores musically.  This is a release that will appeal to ravers and easy listeners alike.

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