The world is full of music lovers, all with vastly different tastes.  Over the past decades, centuries, and even millennia, an unimaginably large number of musical genres and styles have erupted across all areas of the globe.  This, by itself, is enough to cause a person to tremble in awe at the sheer power of creativity and how humanity has harnessed it throughout its many stages of evolution.  Yet we somehow go about our daily lives remaining largely ignorant of such tremendous diversity.  Of course, just about all of us appreciate music at several points throughout our week: on our morning jogs, in the car while driving to work, or perhaps while jamming with high school friends in the garage.  But we can also be very discriminative in our tastes.  We tend to find a modest handful of musical genres with which we can really connect, and then we stick with those genres, regardless of any attempts to convince us otherwise.  This isn’t a criticism; we are all programmed to gravitate towards what we’re familiar with.  It is unreasonable to expect an American teenager who has grown up listening to punk music all his life to be as emotionally moved by Indian classical music as a man born and raised in the suburbs of Mumbai.

The purpose of this blog, therefore, is to introduce and expose its readers to a broad spectrum of musical influences.  This is accomplished through the promotion of various musical works that I have found in my constant search for new and unique sounds.  The goal is to have all genres represented equally without discrimination.  The core philosophy behind this is that all styles of music are essentially deserving of equal appreciation.  Although everyone has individual tastes, it is important to realize that all music is created because it appeals to some portion of the world’s population.  Factors such as instrumentation, tempo, lyrical content, rhythm, and harmony are all up to individual preference.  The only element that is crucial in music is sincerity – truth.  This may sound like something that cannot be expressed in musical terms, however it is universally present.  To use the words of John A. Mongiovi, the current president of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia, a men’s musical fraternity that I am proudly a part of:

Music is sometimes defined as a succession of tones ordered in such a way that it forms a meaning that pleases the ear.  By similar oversimplification one could describe a painting by da Vinci as a succession of colors, or a Shakespearean sonnet as a mere succession of words.  However, it is not the succession of tones that makes the melody, but rather the thought that presides over this succession that gives it meaning…It is not by its external forms that music exercises its true power, but rather by means of the inspired thought that accompanies these forms.

This is a powerful message indeed.  A musician’s passion for his creative output is something that is immediately evident to his audience.  This is the sole criteria with which the music featured on this blog is selected.  Whether it’s psychedelic rock, Latin jazz, Baroque chorale, or electro house, there is always the potential for pure, emotional enlightenment.  All of the music that is posted on this site features outstanding musicianship and creative ingenuity; the level of enjoyment that it provides is entirely up to you, the listener.  I would humbly make just one request: that all visitors to this site, both new and old, come without any preconceived notions, and with a mental state that allows for any and all styles to be appreciated.  Open your mind and your ears, and enjoy the blog.

– Steven Gizzi


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  1. Very interesting blog, you want really to keep alive the creativity of the artist and the real sense of music that isn’t a commercial thing to sell out in a supermarket.

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