<em>Panic</em> – Caravan Palace (2012)

Panic – Caravan Palace (2012)

What comes to mind when I say the words “dance music”?  If you’re familiar with the current trends of the music industry, then your first mental images may very well include electronic DJs (meaning DJs that spin electronic music, not electrically-powered robot DJs), underground raves, and massive throngs of people jumping up and down.  But … Continue reading

<em>Every Man Should Know</em> – Harry Connick, Jr. (2013)

Every Man Should Know – Harry Connick, Jr. (2013)

There’s always something incredibly nostalgic and heartwarming about the classic jazz crooner.  For someone like me, who was never alive to experience the golden days of artists like Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, and the rest of the gang, I can still draw nostalgia from my memories of sitting by the fire in my … Continue reading

<em>Polymorphic Code</em> – The Algorithm (2012)

Polymorphic Code – The Algorithm (2012)

Okay, so I think it’s about time I ventured over to the heavier side of music.  I’m not always in the mood to listen to something aggressive and/or with heavy distortion, but when I am, I’m ready to RAGE. Throughout many of the formative years of my youth, I satisfied this desire by listening to … Continue reading

<em>This Is What Happens</em> – The Reign of Kindo (2011)

This Is What Happens – The Reign of Kindo (2011)

First things first, all of you should probably watch this.  You may have seen this video several years back when it gained quite a bit of circulation around YouTube.  This is the music of The Reign of Kindo, a jazz-rock group hailing from Buffalo, New York.  In April of 2010 they released their second studio … Continue reading