My name is Steven Gizzi.  Music has been a constant presence for me throughout my entire life, although I did not realize it for many years.  Every day, I live in awe of the tremendous, inspirational power that is music.  I believe that some of the closest relationships I have in my life have been augmented, if not instigated, by the communion of music.  As a music blogger, I get to do exactly that: share the music that speaks to me with readers from all over the world.

A musician myself, I am currently enrolled as a junior in the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami.  I am majoring in Media Writing & Production (a program within the Music Composition department) with a double minor in Music Business & Entertainment Industries and Creative American Music.  I began my musical training twelve years ago as a classically-trained pianist, and after five years I started to embrace the world of electronic keyboards and digital synthesis through more contemporary styles.  Throughout the years I have also learned to play the guitar, bass guitar, and drums.  My familiarity with all of these instruments quickly inspired me to become a composer specializing mostly in progressive rock, although I have since broadened my style across multiple genres, and it is my goal to make a career out of composing pieces for personal album releases, film soundtracks, video games, and just about anything else I can get my hands on.

In the summer of 2013, I moved to LA to intern with a composer for films and TV shows.  This marked the start of my professional career in the motion pictures industry.  I began making contacts, gaining valuable experience, and writing music for several commissioned projects of my own before moving back to Miami in the fall to continue my college education.

In addition to running Audio Intimacy, I wrote a weekly column for 365 Albums a Year, a music blog similar to mine that focuses on promoting good music of all genres, until it closed down in October 2012.  I was also an editor and writer for Be the Rave, an electronic music blog featuring the latest tracks, news, and events in the dance music scene, for seven months.


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