The Great Escape – Seventh Wonder (2010)

Album artwork for The Great Escape

They say all of the best progressive metal bands come from Sweden.  It must be something in that Viking ale of theirs that makes them grow manly beards and write ballsy metal songs.  Despite how it happens, we are nonetheless thankful for the gifts they bestow upon the music community today.  A band like Seventh Wonder confirms this with their latest and greatest studio album, The Great Escape. The group has recently been drawn into the spotlight with the announcement that Tommy Karevik, Seventh Wonder’s frontman, had officially joined symphonic metal band Kamelot as their new lead singer.  He has been touring with them extensively in the past couple of months, and is featured on the band’s upcoming studio release, Silverthorn, which will hit the shelves in late October.  Karevik has stated that he has no intention of leaving Seventh Wonder, however, which comes as a relief to fans who, like me, are eager to hear anything new that follows in the wake of the magnificence that is The Great Escape.

The Great Escape became my favorite progressive metal album for quite a while this past year.  The songwriting on the album is simply extraordinary.  Each track is a masterful arrangement of precisely composed progressive mini-odysseys and undeniably catchy chorus sections that hold it all together, and they do it all without the slightest indication that they are willing to compromise a single drop of their creative potential.  This album has been stretched out to its full capacity; The Great Escape is the complete package.  The first six tracks build the strong foundations of an outstanding prog metal album, which is then completed with its own magnum opus – a thirty-minute epic closing track that embarks on an incredible musical journey and showcases the true extent of the band’s creativity.

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