In Time – Intervals (2012)


Album artwork for In Time

I’d have to say that some of my favorite musical experiences are when I get to connect with a brand new artist for the first time.  There’s always something indescribable about the feeling – you have the opportunity to glimpse inside the creative soul of a wholly unique human being whom you’ve never previously met.  I believe that when approaching any artistic work, it is essential to understand that there is an irrefutable truth behind it.  Put in other words, music is an undiluted form of communication between humans, conveying the accumulation of an artist’s entire life’s journey.  Every influence and moment of inspiration – whether it be musical, philosophical, existential – is a molecule in the genetic code that makes up their art.  Music is not just a product of one’s consciousness; it is equally representative of the darker mysteries of the subconscious mind.  We, as artists, are channeling the terrifyingly enigmatic power of nature through our music.  We are the filters through which the energy of the universe is manifested into artistic creation.

Alright, time to tone down the existentialism.  The inspiration for such philosophical musings is my recent discovery of a wonderfully exceptional band known as Intervals.  I’m going to tell you my favorite thing about them right here in the first paragraph: they have a remarkable talent for fusing heavy, high octane instrumentation with colorful, jazz-inspired harmony.  With the release of their latest EP, In Time, the group builds off of their established djent metal sound by incorporating elements of jazz, melodic progressive rock, and electronica.  The result is an intensely focused and highly refined musical product that captivates the listener from beginning to end.

To all the youngsters out there – don’t give up on practicing your instrument!  Let this record serve as an inspiration to you, for it is surely a strong showcase of what it means to have total control, both physical and mental, over the way your music turns out.  Complex meters, blistering guitar solos, soulful melodies, and tight drum riffs are all part of the perfectly laid puzzle that constitutes the band’s music.  Through all of this, it becomes evident that each and every member of Intervals is an extremely well-trained musician in his own right, and the old saying that “the whole is greater than sum of its parts” is 100% accurate in this case (props to Aristotle for that one).

If you’re a fan of bands like Periphery, then you’re sure to be more than satisfied with In Time. They share the same harsher edge that any self-respecting djent ensemble will possess, but they augment it in a way that gives them a very unique style.  As you can hear in “Tapestry,” they build layers upon layers of harmonic content, with each one adding another degree of musical richness.  The intense technical aspect is contrasted with a level of musical restraint that ensures its catchiness and accessibility.  I am confident that Intervals is a group that can appeal to just about anyone, including those of us who don’t normally lend our ear to the more aggressive side of rock music.

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